Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Garage that is burnt down to the studs

Middleburg, PA Garage Fire

A fire broke out in this garage in Middleburg, PA. It fully engulfed the whole building and even started to affect the residential property attached to it! SERVPRO of Lewisburg/Selinsgrove was there to help shoulder some of the stress for this customer!

Heavily charred vanity and soot in bathroom

Fire Danger in Lewisburg, PA

Fire safety is important! Ensure you are checking your cords and outlets, and only plugging things into the proper outlets- and always make sure to have fire extinguishers on every level. Thankfully, this customer did or this bathroom fire could have been a lot worse!

Charred electrical panel box

Check Your Electric in Sunbury, PA

In this picture you can see that the electrical box is charred- it actually caught fire and the fire spread into the junction box! The soot and smoke affected the whole house. Make sure you have your electric checked by an electrician to help prevent fires in your property!

White stove and white and wood cabinets in a dark kitchen with soot and debris all over

Kitchen Fire in Sunbury, PA

Fires are devastating, and can spread very quickly. In this picture we have a fire that start on the cook stove but quickly spread up the wall and ceiling leaving debris and black soot through the entirety of the apartment.

Dining room with ceiling insulation hanging down, and soot and debris all over

Garage and House Fire in Winfield, PA

This fire in Winfield, PA started in the garage that was attached to the house and then spread over into half of the house. When the firefighters came to put out the fire they used a lot of water- making this a fire and water damage. Our technicians came and accessed the damage, removed all the contents and stored for cleaning or claiming, then got to work on demoing and restoring the structure. It has been a long process for these customers, but they continually express their gratitude to our crew and office staff for helping so greatly in their time of need!

Burnt and charred cabinet in completely soot filled room

Devastating Fire Damage in Paxinos, PA

This customer arrived home to find their whole house black- a fire had broken out and smoke and soot were everywhere. Even with the extensive damage shown in the photo here, SERVPRO of Lewisburg/Selinsgrove was about the dispose of the damaged debris, packed out the contents to determine if they were salvageable or needed claimed, stripped the house of any flooring and walls, and cleaned the structure to prepare for our customer to have their house restored.

Melted microwave and charred cabinets over cooktop stove

Kitchen Grease Fire in Sunbury, PA

Our customer from Sunbury, PA had an accidental grease fire on their cooktop stove that melted their microwave range and charred the cabinets over top of it, as well as filled the house with a horrific smoke smell and greasy soot. Our technicians went to work as soon as we got the lead to remove the source of the fire, set air scrubbers to remove the smell from the air, as well as remediating the rest of the affected area, and cleaning/separating contents.  The customers were very happy to have their home back to "like new"!