Water Damage Photo Gallery

Kitchen ceiling tiles scattered on the wooden floor

Water Damage in a Vacant House in Lewisburg, PA

The furnace malfunctioned in this vacant house, causing the pipes to freeze and then burst. Water poured through the ceiling, breaking the ceiling and soaking through the floor below into the basement. It is incredibly important to ensure that a vacant home is winterized!

Puddles of water on concrete floor with kayaks in the background

Mifflinburg, PA Water Damage

This is what the basement of this customer's home in Mifflinburg, PA looked like when our technicians arrived. The toilet supply line cracked upstairs in the bathroom and affected a couple rooms upstairs as well as pouring into the basement. Call SERVPRO of Lewisburg/Selinsgrove today for your water damages!

Bathroom with dark gray walls and white toilet and cabinet with light gray flooring coming up along the wall

Sewage in Selinsgrove, PA

Sewer water is labeled a Category 3 water loss, which is the most contaminated of the categories. This customer is Selinsgrove, PA had their sewer back up and destroy the flooring in their bathroom and well as the walls and flooring in a few others rooms.

White ceiling with yellow water marks and a crack

Shamokin, PA Water Loss

When this customer's pipe burst in their upstairs bathroom in Shamokin, PA, it came down through the floor and cracked and stained their plaster ceiling. Plaster is difficult to dry and remediate. Thankfully they called SERVPRO of Lewisburg/Selinsgrove!

Contents floating in inches of water in basement

Large Water Loss in Danville, PA / Riverside, PA

When these customers' water pipe broke flooding their whole upstairs and basement, they were left feeling very overwhelmed.  SERVPRO of Lewisburg/Selinsgrove arrived at their home and pumped gallons of water out of their basement, then extracted the rest of the water, disposed of damaged and unsalvageable contents, cleaned the floor and walls, and sprayed antimicrobial to prevent mold and bacteria from growing before setting drying equipment. Our technicians kept the finish time down much lower than the customer expected.

Ceiling bubbles due to water being trapped inside

Commercial Water Damage in Lewisburg, PA

When the water main burst in this commercial building in Lewisburg,PA , the owner found water everywhere!  There was so much water coming through from the 2nd floor that it made large bubbles filled with water in the drywall seams in the ceiling. Our highly trained and IICRC certified technicians were able to completely remediate all the water from both floor, and ensure that the customer was able to get their commercial property up and running again!